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Caring for your Jewels

Our jewellery is made out of oven-baked polymer clay and should be treated gently and with care. Polymer clay is not brittle and for the most part it is actually quite durable, however items with thin details could be compromised if you aren’t careful.

You should store your jewellery in a place where it will not accumulate dust, and out of direct sunlight and heat. If you do need to clean it however, you can simply brush dust away with a soft brush (like a small paint brush), water or a gentle unscented baby or makeup wipe.

A proper earring storage container or board should be utilised. These can be purchased online from Etsy or storage solutions stores. This prevents breakage and losing your earrings. 

Do not use any cleaning products on your clay pieces!!

Please avoid knocking them against any hard surfaces, and be especially careful of any small parts sticking out – if caught on clothing and jerked the wrong way with enough force those areas could snap. Also do not put them in your handbag unless they are protected in a proper jewellery case or earring storage container. 

If any of your jewellery has a clear glaze coating or added materials, this is not scratch resistant. Do not keep jewellery items in a pocket or purse with coins, keys and other sharpish things that can do damage. 

With proper care your new unique pieces should last a long time. 


If you have the unfortunate experience of your jewellery breaking please contact us via email with a photo of the jewellery, proof of purchase and we can discuss what we can do. Unfortunately we also do not replace or refund items that have not been cared for or stored correctly. We will also not replace or refund items more than 4 months old. 


PLEASE do NOT allow any children to play with, wear or chew on your polymer clay jewellery. These are a potential choking hazard. NEVER leave a child unsupervised around your jewellery, beads are a small and could be a SERIOUS choking hazard.  

Enjoy your Jewels!!!

Mica + Macc xo